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ProMaker P1000 X Plastic Laser Sintering 3D Printer

Versatility & affordability wrapped into one.

The ProMaker P1000 X is Prodways' new SLS printer. With increased speed and a production-oriented version of the renowned P1000, it offers almost twice the printing speed and a larger production volume, while maintaining the flexibility and great price/volume ratio that made the P1000 so successful.

  • Optimized mechanical properties: Thanks to the new 24 points grid thermal field control and a ten-zone IR heating system, the P1000 X delivers superior, more consistent mechanical properties while ensuring process repeatability on a larger scope of 3D printing materials

  • High-precision 3D printed parts: The new accurate real time slicer, the fine laser beam and a high performance scanning system, allow the print of smooth and accurate surfaces with a high level of detail.

  • 7 materials already available for this printer. It’s easy to switch between the flexible TPU, the classic PA12 and PA11 (natural and glass-reinforced grades) and the new PolyPropylene PP 1200. Stark 3200 coming soon, keep an eye out!

The next generation of innovation

The ProMaker P1000 X 3D printer has all the perks of the entry level P1000, pushed further in terms of productivity, build size, production accuracy and thermal control, while still offering the best price/part ratio on the market.​​​​​​

P1000 X Specifications:

  • Build Volume: 300 x 300 x 360 mm
  • Build Rate: 2 liters/hour
  • Scanning speed: 7,5 m/s
  • Layer thickness: 60/100/120 μm
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