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Groupe Gorgé to launch IPO on Prodways

March 8, 2017 - The IPO is expected to facilitate Prodways’s second stage of growth, further increasing its already significant share of the 3D printing market. It will take the form of a capital increase and therefore see Groupe Gorgé remain the division’s majority shareholder. Read press release

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Hahn-Schickard relies on Prodways Printers for Injection Molding Applications

March 2, 2017 - Hahn-Schickard, a developer of intelligent products using microsystems engineering, has acquired Prodways ProMaker L5000 along with the PLASTCure Rigid 10500 resin to transform their injection molding projects into an innovative 3D printing process. Read press release

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Platinum 3D Acquires the Prodways ProMaker L6000 3D Printer

January, 19 2017 - The technologic and scientific platform, Platinum 3D, which produces metallic parts via additive manufacturing processes, has acquired the ProMaker L600D from Prodways, which will be showcased at the “Commission Industrie” event on January 20, 2017. Read press release

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CEO of Prodways' Technology Division Lays Out Strategic Vision for Company

January 12, 2017 - Appointed in 2015 as CEO of Prodways' Technology, which oversees partnerships and R&D, Alban d'Halluin refelcts on a year marked by significant developments in 3D printing and announces ambitious goals for 2017 and in the years ahead. Read press release