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Photocentric LC Dental

Enabling Custom Mass Manufacture and Large Component Printing

Extremely reliable, accurate and a high productivity level 3D printer for dental models and aligners. Thanks to its fairly large build volume and precision, the LC Dental 3D printer allows for quality builds for a resin printer.

Photocentric has built the world’s first custom made monochrome LCD screen designed and developed specifically for dental professionals and dental labs. LC Dental is a medium format printer specifically tailored to meet the needs of the dental industry.

Cutting edge technology

The all-blue subpixel technology is 3x faster than the traditional LCD technology. LC Dental's custom made monochrome screen has been built specifically to operate safely at 410nm.

With a very large build volume of 12.2 x 6.6 x 7.8", LC Dental also allows for an xy precision of 80 microns. The custom light engine ensures even cure across the entire build area, building print accuracies down to 50 microns.

LC Dental Specifications:

  • Build Volume: 12.2 x 6.6 x 7.8"
  • Print Speed: 0.7" per hour 50 μm
  • 4K Screen: 3840 x 2160px
  • XY Resolution: 80μm
  • Light Engine: 410nm
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