Liquid density (g/cm3): 1.6
Viscosity @ 28°C (cps): 900-1100
Hardness (Shore D): 90-95
Tensile Strength (MPa) ASTM D638: 50-65
Liquid resins > PLASTCure Rigid 10500

PLASTCure Rigid 10500

For the most demanding industrial applications

Ivory opaque in appearance with a liquid density of 1.6g/CM3, this rigid material is suited for parts requiring high thermal stability, ultra precision, and unique machining. Its properties make it an ideal candidate for wind tunnel testing.

Features & Benefits

•Excellent detail resolution and sidewall quality
•Easy finishing
•Superior thermomechanical properties
•Ivory opaque

Compatible with:

ProMaker L5000, ProMaker L6000, ProMaker L7000

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