Bulk density: 0.55 g/cm3
Density of parts: 1.02 g/cm3
Melting Point: 199°C
Heat Deflection 1.8 MPa: 46°C (ASTM D648)
Polymer powders > PA11-SX 1350

PA11-SX 1350

The PA11-SX 1350 polyamide boasts high mechanical performance, advanced chemical properties and is temperature- and shock-resistant. It delivers excellent resolution for smooth contours, maintains high surface quality with ductility and elongation.

Features & Benefits

•Granulometry refined #50 µm
•Use in continuous sifting-regenerating cycles possible
•Mat black aspect and easy unpacking
•Ductility, elongation and shock resistance for snap fit and living hinges

Compatible with the following ProMaker P models

P2000 SD, P2000 HT, P4500 SD, P4500 HS, P4500 X, P4500 HT

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