Premium materials... that yield premium performance.

UV polymerization of liquid materials and composites in the form of pastes containing high levels of ceramic, metal, fibre or nano particles allows us to develop applications with mechanical properties that have yet to discovered in 3D printing, such as resistance to ultra-high temperature or high levels of flexibility. Download materials guide


Innovative composites, hybrid and bio-compatible materials.

One of Prodways’ core strengths is the ability to create premium, highly durable composites and hybrid materials that possess the desirable mechanical, physical and aesthetic properties to make your 3D printed object achieve the optimal balance of form, fit and function.

3d printed materials

Dental applications

• PlastCure Model 100, 300 (All purpose dental model)
• PlastCure Model 300 (high temperature for Thermoforming)
• PlastCure Cast 100, 200 (Casting Wax)
• PlastCure Clear 1000

Jewelry applications

• PlastCure Cast 100, 200 (Casting Wax)

Manufacturing & prototyping

• PlastCure Rigid 10500
• PlastCure ABS 3650

Casting molds

• PlastCure Rigid 10500

Wind tunnel models

• PlastCure Rigid 10500