Next Generation of SLA Commercial 3D Printers

Prodways’ industrial grade 3D printers are based on MOVINGLight®, a proprietary technology that utilizes moving DLP and strong UVA LEDS, resulting in unparalleled resolution, homogeneity, and overall efficiency, with the largest printer achieving more than 400 million pixels per layer. All this with no extra cost in manufacturing cost or compromise in speed.

Prodways is the first 3D printer manufacturer to introduce a moving DLP head, allowing the projection of the image to cure as the head moves.

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Built for speed....

MOVINGLight® head delivers high and accurate energy density to the surface to optimize build time
MOVINGLight® head performance is not impacted by fill ratio
Patented data transfer technology allows unrivalled part complexity and size with no impact on speed

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Built for precision & efficient manufacturing...

MOVINGLight® heads provide reliable and predictable results, build after build.
Process design and control ensures consistent performance across the platform, layer after layer
Consistent quality and high repeatability for a wide range of 3d printed applications
Tight tolerance and exceptional resolution across the entire build area
Low operating cost

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Premium materials...

Premium, highly durable composites and hybrid materials that possess all the desirable mechanical, physical and aesthetic properties to make your 3D printed object achieve the perfect balance of form, fit and function. Materials page

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Professional 3D SLA& SLS printers

High-performance industrial 3D printers for the mass production or rapid prototyping of parts and end-use applications across many markets, including dental, automotive, medical, aeronautics, and jewelry, among others. Review 3D printers from Prodways.

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Genistar is the North American distributor of Prodways 3D printers, serving the United States, Canada and Mexico. Models include the ProMaker series L5000, L6000, L7000, and D35. These industrial grade solutions for the 3D printing market provides VAT-based photo-polymerisation using a moving DLP head to provide predictable and repeatable results all across the platform. Looking for a 3D printer as a rapid prototyping solution to deliver design validation models, marketing samples, or early production runs? Or how about a robust industrial printer capable of high throughput and quality? Then the L-Series solutions from Prodways are the ideal choice. If you're seeking a high-definition 3D printing solution to serve the demanding requirements of the dental market or to produce wax-based jewlery, then review the D-Series line from Prodways. About Genistar

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